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Find information about the Overview section of the Analysis tab in GreenGlass.

Opening the Analysis page presents the user with a view of existing queries.

  • To build a new query, click on the NEW QUERY button in the upper right portion of the screen.
  • To edit an existing query, or to examine the results in greater detail, click the EDIT button to the right of the query you wish to work with.
  • Use the CLONE button to create a copy that can be edited while preserving the original.

The New Query screen is divided into two panels. The Query Builder is on the left and the results panel is on the right. As changes are made in the left panel, the right panel updates in real-time so the specific impact of each threshold can be seen.

Scroll down the right panel to view a tabular summary of the query results. Scroll further for a list of items that match the current parameters.