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Serials Collection

Find information about the Collection tab in GreenGlass for Serials.


Total Record Counts

Find the following record counts for Titles (bibliographic records) and holdings (holding records):

  • All Records: Tally of all of the print records that OCLC received from your library at the outset of the project.
  • All Records - Filtered: Tally of the entire extract minus records that have been filtered out of the GreenGlass analysis. Records are filtered out for two primary reasons:
    1. Lack of valid OCLC number
    2. Out-of-scope due to their location or record type

Key Metrics

The Key Metrics counts show how widely held your titles are as compared to other libraries. Your library is represented in blue. 


This is the GreenGlass collection visualization tool. The first view of your monographs collection will be an LC/NLM subject distribution. Change the view via the Distribution drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the bar chart display, and then choose an Overlay. Experiment with unfamiliar combinations to see your collection in new ways. Scroll down the page to see the data in tabular form and click on the item level tallies to see corresponding lists of items. See Online Holding Lists for more information.
Dewey libraries and libraries with significant parts of the collection cataloged in Dewey will see a Dewey distribution as the first alternative. Even if your library uses Dewey call numbers or another classification scheme, we have associated LC call numbers whenever possible.


In preparing your library's data for GreenGlass, OCLC has compiled five lists to help you better understand certain categories of records and where necessary take action to improve the usefulness of your catalog.  The first three contain titles that have been filtered out of the GreenGlass Universe. All of these lists can be exported and adjusted to support local workflows:

  • Records without OCLC numbers (filtered out of GreenGlass)
  • Records with a title or author that does not match the corresponding WorldCat™ record (filtered out of GreenGlass)
  • Out-of-Scope Records (filtered out of GreenGlass)
  • Records for which GreenGlass has assigned an OCLC number
  • Records for which your library's holding is not set in WorldCat™

Known Item Search

To find specific items, enter a keyword/phrase or one of the following identifier numbers:

  • WorldCat OCLC number
  • Bib record number
  • ISSN
  • OCLC Work ID
  • Keyword
    • The keyword search field indexes the title and publisher fields.

Like all item lists in GreenGlass, these lists are exportable.