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Save and share reports and visualizations

Learn how to save and share reports and visualizations in EZproxy Analytics.

Import or export dashboards or saved objects

Everything in EZproxy Analytics is an object that can be exported as CSV, JSON, and in most cases a PDF or PNG. If you would like to export a saved object, open the object and click the Share button at the top left next to the Save button. Remember that EZproxy Analytics contains personally identifiable information (PII). Take care when exporting objects to not export PII or have an audit plan to keep track of who has access to what PII data in your library.

Share visualizations or dashboard objects

All visualizations and dashboards can be shared. To share your visualization navigate to the desired dashboard or visualization using the left navigation menu. Find your object in the list of saved objects.

Share options include:

  • Embed code
  • Permalinks
  • PDF Reports
  • PNG Reports

For information about how to save and share your information see the Kibana Guide. Please note, this documentation is provided for reference only and is not supported by OCLC. The user interface and access points may look different from OCLC-supported EZproxy Analytics.