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Will EZproxy be supported with the planned browser privacy features being introduced by Google and others

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OCLC has been very involved in the upcoming browser changes related to authentication and IP addresses. As an advocate for libraries and scholarly resources, OCLC will continue to work with browser developers like Google and others.


EZproxy remains the leading access method to connect users to e-content and keeps libraries in control of their data. OCLC will continue to support IP proxying via EZproxy for the foreseeable future.

Based on our work and analysis, EZproxy functionality will not be affected by these upcoming changes because the browser obfuscation of an IP address is not an issue for EZproxy-to-publisher functionality: publishers will see the EZproxy IP address regardless of the browser IP address. However, if EZproxy has functionality based on the browser IP address, such as not proxying on campus users, that will be affected.

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