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Upgrading your EZproxy to latest version on the same server

  • Upgrading EZproxy to latest version on the same server. 
Applies to
  • Any version of EZproxy.

Short introduction or instructions to follow these steps:

1. First you will need to download the proper flavor, please see this link

2 .Go to the command prompt  and change to the EZproxy directory=> Please stop EZproxy from running. At the prompt TYPE:     

        ezproxy -sr hit the  'Enter' key (Windows)

        ./ezproxy -sr  hit the 'Enter' key (linux)   

3. Rename the current ezproxy.exe OR ezproxy.bin file (linux) to another name.

4. Rename the new downloaded file of EZproxy to

        ezproxy.exe (Windows)

        ./ezproxy.bin (linux) 

  1. Double click on the new ezproxy executable file
  1. You will need to run the ezproxy command from the command prompt

        ezproxy -k XXXXX  hit the 'Enter' key (Windows)

        ./ezproxy -k XXXXX hit the 'Enter' key (linux)

      "REPLACE THE XXXXX with your actual WSKey"

7. Please run the following command to run EZproxy as a Service from the command prompt

        ezproxy -si hit the 'Enter' key (Windows)

        ./ezproxy -si  hit the 'Enter' key (linux)

8. You will be prompted to enter the following at the command prompt

        net start ezproxy hit the 'Enter' key (Windows)

        ./net ezproxy hit the 'Enter' key (linux)

9. EZproxy should be running as a Service and upgraded to the new version.


Note: Services must be stop before running the upgrade .exe file.

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