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How can I make EZproxy update when the certificates on my SSO are updated


SSO certificate on EZproxy will be out of date

Applies to

EZproxy SAML authentication

  1. check the shibboleth metadata section in the config.txt file and see if a metadata retrieval URL is configured (-URL=).
  2. If it is present, login to the EZproxy admin web page
  3. Click the Manage Shibboleth link at the bottom of the admin page
  4. In the section labelled 'Identity Provider Update URL' click the Update button after the URL. This will update the metadata from the URL in EZproxy.
Additional information

Not all SSO systems support metadata retrieval URLs.  The file must be copied to the EZproxy directory if the SSO does not support URL metadata retrieval.

When the URL parameter is provided, EZproxy will attempt to retrieve the specified URL at startup and every 24 hours thereafter.

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