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American Concrete Institute


In order to provide access to resources that use https, your EZproxy server must be configured with an SSL certificate.

Title American Concrete Institute
Find name="dnn$ctr11973$Login$txtUsername"
Replace name="dnn$ctr11973$Login$txtUsername" value="USERNAMEHERE"
Find name="dnn$ctr11973$Login$txtPassword"
Replace name="dnn$ctr11973$Login$txtPassword" value="PASSWORDHERE"

Note: You must replace USERNAMEHERE with the username and PASSWORDHERE with the password.

This version targets the following Starting Point URL: The page will load with the username and password pre-filled. When pressing the Sign In button, authentication occurs and then the user is in a non-proxied but fully functional session as that user.

This stanza also works if the target is a specific journal such as:


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