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Learn how to use the TokenSignatureKey config.txt directive to specify the token signature key to authenticate to in EZproxy.

TokenSignatureKey specifies the token signature key to use when authenticating to The token signature key is a value assigned by to authenticate an institutional subscription, similar in nature to a password credential. This value is used in combination with the Books24x7Site and TokenKey to generate encrypted authentication URLs needed to authenticate users into this resource.

TokenSignatureKey can be used only once per database stanza and interacts with database stanzas. The scope of TokenSignatureKey is the current database stanza. It is a position dependent config.txt directive.


Qualifier Description
signkey Value assigned by to authenticate an institutional subscription.


TokenSignatureKey signkey


Typical configuration for accessing

Books24x7Site ABC123
TokenKey SomethingYouPickOutAndDontTellAnyone
TokenSignatureKey YouGetThisFromBooks24x7

Related directives

Books24x7site, TokenKey