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Option RelaxedRADIUS

Learn how to use the Option RelaxedRADIUS config.txt directive to specify that RADIUS responses may be accepted from any IP address in EZproxy.

Option RelaxedRADIUS specifies that RADIUS responses may be accepted from any IP address. By default, when EZproxy performs RADIUS user authentication, EZproxy will only accept RADIUS responses that return from the same IP address to which the original request was sent. With this option in place, EZproxy removes the IP address restriction when checking responses. The response is still required to contain the same authenticator used when making the original request. This option is mainly useful is environments with clustered RADIUS servers that respond on different IP addresses.

Option RelaxedRADIUS is a non-repeatable position dependent config.txt directive.


Option RelaxedRADIUS


Enable relaxed RADIUS response processing.

Option RelaxedRADIUS