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Option LogSAML

Learn how to use the Option LogSAML config.txt directive to tell EZproxy how to store copies of SAML during Shibboleth authentication for debugging.

Option LogSAML specifies that EZproxy should store copies of Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) documents during Shibboleth authentication for debugging. SAML documents are used to pass information back and forth between EZproxy and Shibboleth Identity Providers. When this option is enabled, EZproxy will record these documents to files starting with xl followed by a number and ending in .xml. For instance, the first file is named xl1.xml. These files are stored in the directory where EZproxy is installed. Do NOT run with this option in production as the number of files created and stored grows rapidly and can be considered a security exposure.

Option LogSAML is a non-repeatable position-independent config.txt directive that appears in the xl###.xml administrator logs.


Option LogSAML


Enable the logging of SAML assertions.

Option LogSAML