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Sign in to Choreo Insights

Learn how to sign in to your Choreo Insights dashboard.

Sign into the Choreo Insights dashboard

Once your institution's subscription is active, you will receive an email that provides your username and direction on how to set your password. Visit to sign in to your account.

 Note: In order to see all functions available in Choreo Insights, you will want to confirm your browser's privacy settings are set to Standard Protection.

For assistance setting or resetting your password, contact OCLC Support.

Password requirements

Your Choreo Insights password:

  • Is case-sensitive
  • Must contain at least nine characters
  • Must contain at least one non-alphabetic character
     Note: Semicolons (;), colons (:), apostrophes ('), and periods (.) are not allowed.

Reset your password

From the login screen, choose Forgot Password?