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Getting started with Choreo Insights

Find an overview of the interface and features available in Choreo Insights.


Choreo Insights is a collection analytics tool that allows your institution to compare its collection with other collections in WorldCat. This includes gap, distinct, and overlap analyses and supports the export of matching title lists. Your institution's data is updated on a weekly basis.


Insights Builder

The Insights Builder allows you to compare your institution's monograph collection (Group A) to the monograph collections of other institutions (Group B) using one of four different analysis queries.

  • Save comparator groups for use in these comparisons
  • Create and save queries using one of the four analysis types that are available

Export the resulting titles list via CSV file.

User interface

Sign in to Choreo Insights at


  1. Use the Insights functions to build insights and view your saved insights.
  2. Create Comparator Groups for your library and others for comparison.
  3. Create and upload title lists to compare against your library's collection.
  4. My Libraries (A) represent your library and its collections.
  5. Comparator Groups (B) are those you create to compare against your library and collections.
  6. Select the analysis type for the type of analysis you'd like to use to compare your collection to the collection of other libraries.
  7. Query filters allow you to segment your collection within the analysis type to focus on specific parts of your collection.
  8. Export a query in a file.
  9. Reset the builder to default.
  10. Save a query to use again later.
  11. Run and view the report generated by your query.
  12. View and download a visualization of your query.