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OCLC Support

Run a query

Learn how to run a query.

Run a query

To run a query from the Choreo Insights user interface:

  1. Choose your institution(s) from the My Libraries dropdown (A).
  2. Choose the Comparator Group(s) you would like to use from the dropdown (B).
  3. Select the Analysis Type.
  4. Click RUN REPORT
  5. Results
    1. Collection - a count of all monograph items within your collection.
    2. Results - a combination of both your institution and the comparator group(s) that were added to the query.
    3. # of Titles - a graph visualization by LC classification, of the number of titles held by your institution and the comparator groups chosen in this query.
    4. Titles list - list of titles from the above graph, including a link to the WorldCat record.

Search Options

Within the analysis type, you can segment your search using attributes to focus on specific parts of your collection.

Analysis queries 

Use one of four different analysis queries to compare your collection to the collections of other libraries.

All Show titles held by either your libraries OR other libraries
Overlap Shoe titles held by your library AND other libraries
Distinct Show titles held ONLY by your library or group
Gap Show titles held ONLY by other libraries (comparator libraries or lists)