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When I download my MARC records into Amlib, the call numbers on my Stockitems are not showing correctly

  • The call number on the Stockitem record is displaying the details from the Catalogue 082 MARC tag and not the MARC 099 tag which is the one that is required
Applies to
  • Amlib Stockitem
  • Western Australian sites who use Marc records from the State Library of Western Australia

To change the display options for the Stockitem follow these steps:

  1. Access Stockitem > Application > Stockitem Forms.
  2. Highlight the Form for Book and select F9 Display.
  3. Change Line 6 to ensure the 099 Tag is displaying first in the line of MARC Tags.
  4. Save F3.
  5. Repeat for other Form required.
  6. Once complete run a Stockitem > Application > StockitemAutoLink with Option to Refresh ALL Items from Catalogue (excludes Periodicals and Orders).
  7. Enter Start as 1 and End as 999999 and select Start.
  8. Ensure only the Call Number line is the only Checkbox ticked.
  9. Click OK. This task will take some time. A message will display when complete.
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