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I have some special items for a student that I want to hide in the OPAC so that other students cannot request or reserve them

Applies to
  • Amlib Stockitems

It is possible to hide items from the OPAC:

  1. Access the particular items in Stockitem.
  2. Change the setting for Opac? to be N on each item.
  3. Save with F3.
  • If there are many items it is possible to save the items into a File, display the File and choose MassItemChange from the Table menu. In Box 1 click Opac?. In Box 2 enter N and and in Box 3 click Paste. Click F3 Update to make the change
Additional information
  • It is possible to hide items at a particular location by a parameter in the Installation settings for that Location, from the Other TAB - Location is Valid for OPAC enquiries - set to N
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