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I have imported a large marc file but only 9999 were imported

  •  On a standard Marc load a maximum number of records for import is 9999
Applies to
  • Amlib Authorities - Marc Takeup

It is possible to bypass the review of the records and open the file and update records up to 999,999 records:.

  1. Access Amlib and use the menus to select Main > Authorities > MarcTakeUp.
  2. Click F1 Open and find the file to upload, highlight and click OK.
  3. The Marc Import - Open window will display.
  4. Keep the Marc option as Bibliographic if it is a standard Marc load.
  5. If you are expecting more than 9999 records, tick Open and Update. Notice that the maximum records to load will alter from 9999 to 999999
  6. This option will allow the load to go through without first viewing the records.
  7. Continue the load as usual by selecting the Bibliographic options, the Update options and the creation of Files for the imported records.
Additional information
  • If you have already loaded the records from the large file and found that only 9999 records have been loaded, it is possible to load the same file again and choose Open and Update on the Marc Import - Open window as described above. It is also possible to start the load at 10000 so that the records already loaded do not have to be loaded again. On the Marc-Import Open window select the radio button Range in the Loan Range. Enter 10000 in the Start Reading from field and keep the maximum number to read as 999999.
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