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Permissions for issues and returns only

Learn how to set permissions for issues and returns in Amlib.

Setting permissions for issues/returns only

  1. In Amlib navigate to Main > Supervisor > Usernames
  2. Create a new login if required using F1 New
  3. Fill in the details as required then F3 Save


    Username: The user name will be based on the person/group you are giving the login to. The location is just your main library location, unless you wish to set it up for that specific location (e.g. resource room).

    Location: The location must be set up already, or added prior to adding this login (to set up locations, go to LibraryMenu – Locations).

    Circ at this location only (Y/N): Type Y here if you are setting the terminal up for people to only issue at this location. The level number is just a guide as the permissions you have set, it has no numerical function. If you are only setting up issues and returns, you might want to indicate this with a low number.

  4. Click on F9 Passwd and fill in the password
  5. Highlight the user name select F8 Choose
  6. Then navigate to ActualMainMenu > Circulation > Issues
  7. Click the Green ‘give’ button. This will give access to issues. Repeat this for ActualMainMenu Circulation > Returns.
  8. Logout of Amlib and then login using your new username or the selected username you have just set up