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Floating collections

Learn how to setup floating collections in Amlib.

Setting up floating collections

It is possible to set certain Stockitem Stats codes or Form codes to be set as a Floating Collection.

These Floating collections can be set in either the Stockitem Form Code table or the Stockitem Stats Code table. It does not matter whether your system is set to loan by Form code or Stats code. This function will only work when the item in question is currently out on loan and then is returned.

From Stockitem, Application, Stockitem Forms change the value in the Floating? Column to a Y if this code is to be included as part of a Floating Collection:

Floating Locations can also be set to the Stockitem/Stats codes:

When the item is initially borrowed the Permanent and Temporary locations display showing the current Permanent Location.

However, on Return of that item the Permanent and Temporary locations then display for the Library location of Return. No prompts display.

The Stockitem has the Permanent and Temporary Location set to the Return Location.