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Field names displayed for stockitem forms

Find information about the field names displayed for stockitem forms in Amlib.

Field names displayed for a stockitem form

  1. Launch the Amlib client
  2. Go to Main > StockItems > StockitemForms – the Form Codes table will display:
  3. Select the form type you would like to set up/modify (for example: Books), and click the F9 Display button
  4. The Stock Display Tags window will display:
  5. Select the appropriate line and type in the relevant MARC tags to display – with each tag separated by a space, type the tags in the order in which you would like them to appear. For example: if you want to change the Subject tags to be displayed, select the Subject line (usually Line 3), and type in the subject tags to display. In the example above: 600 650 651 630 610 611 655 tags have been set to display.
  6. Click the F3 Save button and close the window
  7. Repeat for all other Form codes

    Once completed, the stock items must undergo a mass rebuild. This will take some time. You may like to set it running at the end of the day to run overnight…
  8. From the Stockitem module main menu, select Application > StockitemAutolink – the Stockitem Miscellaneous window will display:
  9. Select the * Refresh ALL Items from catalogue ( excludes Periodicals and Orders ) option
  10. Enter 1 in the Start box and 9999999 in the End box
  11. Click on the Start button – the Refresh pop-up will display:
  12. Select the lines you would like to mass update – in the example above, we are updating the Subject line
  13. Click on the OK button
  14. The files will be updated (depending on the number of items in your database, this could take some time)
  15. Once complete, the following prompt will display the number of Items Rebuilt:
  16. Click the OK button

The setup is now complete.