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Borrower items on loan

Learn how to create and view a report that details what has been issued to a borrower or a group of borrowers in Amlib.


It is possible to create lists detailing what has been issued to a borrower or a group of borrowers.

The following report types are available:

  • &ODLSTC.QRP – Overdue List by Class (No page break in-between classes)
  • &ODLSTG.QRP – Overdue List by Group (No page break in-between groups)
  • &ODLSTOC.QRP – Overdue List by Class (with a page break in-between classes)
  • &ODLSTOG.QRP – Overdue List by Group (with a page break in-between classes)

These templates can used to create reports listing all items on loans, not just overdue items.

Save the template (customised templates only)

  • It is possible to customise any of the above templates.
  • Save the customised template into the Amlib/Reports folder on the Amlib server. This will make the template available for use for all users. Alternatively, you may save it into a local folder on your PC – but please be aware, that the template (once loaded) will only be available for use on that PC.
  • Ensure that the template is saved with a name that clearly identifies it as a customised overdue letter template (there should be no & at the start) – for example: AAODLET.QRP.

Load the template

  1. Launch the Amlib client.
  2. Go to Main > Reports > RepCirculation.
  3. From the main menu, select Application > RepAddNew.
  4. The Report Files window will open. Ensure that the Report Entity = Circulation.
  5. Click the F1 New button.
  6. Enter a Description – for example: Overdue Letter.

Browse to the Amlib/Reports folder on your Amlib Server and locate the template to be loaded (if the template has been loaded onto your PC – then navigate to the local folder).

  1. Click on Open.
  2. Choose Type = Continuous – Full descriptions.
  3. You can leave Default Stats Code and Default Detail Stats Code blank.
  4. Update History (Y/N) = Y.
  5. Update Entity (Y/N) = N.
  6. Click the F3 Update button.
  7. Close out of the Report Files window.

The template is now loaded and available for use in a Report.

Circulation - Modify Report File screen

Create the report

  1. Go to Main > Reports > RepCirculation.
  2. Click the F1 New button.
  3. Highlight the Overdue List report template you would like to use (see list above) and click the Select button.
    Select Report Format screen
  4. Enter a Report Description – for example: Borrower List of Items.
  5. If you would like the borrower record to retain a record of any notice sent, then ensure that Create Hist (Y/N) = Y.
  6. Create Acct (Y/N) = N.
  7. Click the F3 Save button.
    Circulation Reports screen

Where statement

  1. Highlight the report in the list and click on the F7 Where button.
  2. The statement may include any of the following settings:
    • Issue Date Back < Current Date (via Special button) – this can be altered to suit your particular needs (leave off if you want all items on loan to be listed).
    • You may wish to limit by Borrower Location, Barcode, Type, Group and Class.
    • Click on the F3 Save button


  1. Select the report from the list and click on the F9 Order button.
  2. Use the arrow keys to select fields to Sort by – for example: Borrower Class and Borrower Bar No.
  3. Click on the F3 Save button.
    Order By screen

View the report

  1. Highlight the report you wish to run and select F8 View.
  2. The following message will appear:
    Select File for View dialog
  3. If you would like the report to run using the entire database (rather than a Saved List) then select the No button.
  4. The report will then display:
    Borrower List of Items report - example
  5. Select the print button to print the report.