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Acquisitions order entity

Find information about the Acquisitions order entity in Amlib OpenReports.

Orders by supplier

  1. Access the Report Designer TAB
  2. Select New from the buttons
  3. The Edit Report Window will display
  4. Enter a Report Title in the Report Title section. For the sample “Orders by Supplier
  5. Enter a Group since we want to find it later easily – for example Acquisitions
  6. Enter a Sub Group – for example Orders
  7. Choose Report Type from the Drop-down options (Table is default):
    • Table – set out in rows and columns (select for the sample)
  8. Select Orientation
    • Landscape (select for the sample)
  9. Ignore Show sql
  10. Show details: For this sample Report enter
    • All: Enter the Top value required – for example 10
  11. Show Sub totals: Have this ticked if subtotals are required
  12. Show total: Have this ticked if main totals are required
  13. Tick Private: leave this unticked.
  14. Show header on first page: For our sample tick this one if required
  15. Show header on next pages: This is your choice. But for now leave this unticked

Display Fields

  1. Select the Acquisitions Orders Entity
  2. Select required Data Field/s from the Entity and drag and drop to Display – in our sample, we included Order Number, Order Header Summary, Order Header Status and Order Header Local Cost. It depends on which Data Fields are to be displayed
  3. It is possible to change the Money fields for Order Header Local Cost. to show as Dollars By changing the Format to $ <space>0.00 ($ 0.00). Ensure that the Function is set to Sum if using Subtotals and Totals. We also changed the Header to just Cost

Group Fields

We selected Supplier as the Group Field to add the Totals for each Order Header by Supplier


Drag and drop Supplier to the Filters Column. To get All Suppliers it is possible to leave the Filter blank or Choose Supplier not empty. It is also possible to add an Order Date Placed to get Orders placed in a Date range or just the most recent Orders


It is useful to have an Order and often depends what the Group – for example Supplier, Order Number


Select Preview to view the Report

It is also possible to get Order Line details for several or one Order Number