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Print scheduler

Learn how to use the report scheduler to schedule reports to be run on a regular basis in Amlib.

Schedule the reports to be run in the future or on a regular basis

  1. Select the Report Scheduler Button from the top
  2. Tick the Report that is to be scheduled
  3. The Edit schedule window will display at the base of the reports
  4. The selected Report Name will display at the top of the schedule
  5. The Enabled button will display a tick by default
  6. Enter the Start date
  7. A calendar box will display with the Current Date selected
  8. Alter this to the start date as required

    Note: Use the mouse wheel to scroll fast through the Years, Months and Days as appropriate Enter the Start time. A Time pick box displays where the + and – options can be used to set the correct time in 24 hour format

  9. Add the Frequency: the format will change depending on the Frequency
    1. Once
    2. Hourly
    3. Daily
    4. Weekly: Select the Day and Weekly frequency (Run every xx weeks)
    5. Monthly: Select the Day of the Month on which to run the Report
    6. Yearly: Enter the Day and Year on which the report is to run
  10. Enter the Report format
    • Pdf
    • Word
    • Excel
  11. Enter details for Email notification if required:
    1. Email Address (es)
    2. Email Subject
    3. Email message
  12. Select Save to update the scheduler from the top of the window