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Report viewer

Learn how to view selected reports and how to select reports in Amlib.

The Report Viewer enables the selection and viewing of reports. These are available to run and get immediate results without having to set up any further configuration within the Filters etc.

There may need to be some setup on the Browser as to what path to find for the Excel, Word applications.

This screen lists all the Reports split by Category. It has a Start and View options to the top right:

Selected Reports

  1. The Reports can be grouped. In order to see all the Groups and relevant reports for each group, select the + button in the top left hand corner of the screen. This button toggles between viewing just the Groups or viewing the contents for each Group
  2. In order to see just the Groups Select the button again
  3. With the Report hierarchy displayed, highlight the Report line to select the Report. The Checkbox will be ticked once selected.

Select Report – Report Viewer

  1. Select the Output. The options currently are:
    • Screen
    • Excel
    • Pdf
    • Word
  2. Select the Start button
  3. The report will display depending on the Output. If on the Screen, the display will show within the View report section
  4. The display will show automatically in either:




    Word / WordPad