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Save URLs to an Authority File

Learn how to use a StockItem search and a catalogue search to save URLs to an authority file in Amlib OpenOPAC.

An Authority File is created from a saved Catalogue file, they are generally used to define the data to display in a report (e.g. Report for Bibliographic details). In this case it is required so that an Authorities file can be created specifically for URL’s

Using a Stockitem Search

You may wish to start with a Stockitem Search or a StockitemWhereSearch to locate the records you want to change, that may already have a form type of EBK for example.




  1. Add these items to a Stockitem File > Once File is complete > Select File > Display File
  2. Add these items to a Stockitem File > Once File is complete > Select File > Display File
  3. Highlight the new file > F9 select > Highlight all items in file > Select XReference Select Catalogue
  4. Highlight all catalogue records displayed > Select XReference > Authorities >Table > SequenceByTag > Scroll down to the Http: Tags and highlight all of these
  5. Select File > Save Marked > Create an Authority file for these URL’s > F1New > Type a description ‘ebook descriptor’ > F3Save > F9Select

Using Catalogue Search

  1. In Amlib navigate to Main > Catalogue > Catalogue
  2. Enter your term in the Search Term box and select F5 Query
  3. Double click on Select a search type- for example Any Keyword
  4. Select File > Save All
  5. Select F1 New , give the file a name then F3 Save > F9 Select
  6. A notification will display the number of items in the file
  7. Close the table
  8. Catalogue screen will appear > Select File > Display file
  9. Highlight this new cat file you have created
  10. Select F9Select
  11. A table appears of all these records; highlight all the files by selecting the top record, holding down the shift key and selecting the last record.
  12. Then select XReferences > Authorities
  13. Select Table > SequencebyTag
  14. Scroll down and highlight the 856 marc tags you wish to save into this file
  15. Select File > Select SaveMarked
  16. Select F1New > Type in a description for this file > Select F9Select