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Add a description to pre-existing URLs

Learn how to add a description to pre-existing URLs in Amlib OpenOPAC.

If you already have URLs in your catalogue records, you can mass add a description to them all.

  1. Go to Main > Authorities > MarcTagMaintenance – the Marc Tag Maintenance screen will display
  2. Enter the following settings:
    1. Choose the Marc Tag Maintenance Task: drop-down, select: Add a subfield to a tag ( replaces existing ) or leave text blank to delete a subfield
    2. Specify which Marc Tags(s) to apply the change to: click on the Select Tags... button, select the 856 | URL Link tag and then click the OK button
    3. Select other options relating to the maintenance task: - leave blank (to apply to all tags) or click the Options... button to apply the change to a previously created Authorities Saved Query Results File
    4. New subfield type = z
    5. Enter text below = type in the text that you want to be displayed in the NetOpacs for the link – for example: Click here for further information or Click to Open PDF or Click to Download E-Book
  3. Click the F3 Start button to run the maintenance
  4. The selected tags will then processed:
  5. Once complete, a prompt will display with the following: The XXX Subfields have been added / deleted.
  6. Click the OK button

The changes to the Amlib client configuration are now complete.