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Other software solutions and partnerships

Find information about Amlib integration with other library technology solutions.

A range of additional Library Technology solutions are available from OCLC for Amlib including:

Syndetics Plus Content Enrichment for your NetOpacs

Syndetic Solutions™ from Bowker is the premier source of specialized, high-quality bibliographic data designed to enhance library online catalogs.

Syndetics Plus™ combines more than 40 million valuable content enrichment elements with advanced widget technology to seamlessly integrate bibliographic data within your OPAC, making it more useful than ever for both you and your patrons.

For further information on Syndetics Plus™ see the Bowker website.   To enquire about pricing and integration with your NetOpacs please contact OCLC Support.

SIP2 Integration

The Amlib SIP2 (Standard Interchange Protocol, Version2) Module provides communication between the Amlib Library system and other SIP2 compliant computer based applications. It provides controlled access to certain information from Amlib (for example details about Patrons or Items) via a TCP/IP connection through a nominated Port.

These applications include Self-Service Circulation (DIY) terminals, accessing eBooks from Online Suppliers, managing Library Internet PC processes such as PC Reservations, electronic resources and other communications. eBook applications need to verify that a patron has proper borrowing rights before allowing downloads of content so the SIP2 module is used for authentication.

The Amlib SIP2 Module is licenced under a tiered system.  The licence tiers are:

  • 1 licence tier
  • 2-5 licence tier
  • 6-10 licence tier
  • 11-20 licence tier
  • 21+  Unlimited licence tier

To enquire about pricing and integration with Amlib please contact OCLC Support.   

netloan Pro PC Booking Software

netloan from Lorensbergs is the complete solution for managing public access PC reservation. The unique web based solution is ideal for the administration, supervision and management of your service.

netloan has been designed to minimise the demands created by public access PCs. The cost effective solution incorporates advanced booking, print management, session control and management statistics.

Documentation for netloan customers is available in our Technical Documentation area.  

Booking Management

netloan automates the process for PC booking, removing the need for complicated paper based systems.

The web-based client and server software is highly accessible and can be operated on a self-service basis if preferred. netloan pro prevents queuing, conflict and minimises staff involvement in the supervision and the administration of PCs.

netloan has sophisticated session control, always authenticating users before use. Staff can enforce regulations with netloan's on-screen messaging and remote logout features.

Complete Session Control

netloan has complete session control ensuring users' sessions end on time, every time.

Users login to their sessions using their username and/or pin code. Once authenticated, users can view your acceptable use policy, which they must agree to comply with, before they can begin their sessions.

During sessions netloan displays a countdown clock on the user's interface. Towards the end of their session, warning messages are sent to users. Once the session time has fully elapsed, users are automatically logged out and no history is saved.

Print Management

netloan offers an integrated Print Management solution, which can be implemented to meet the individual needs of each library branch. Prior to the release of a print job, netloan ensures that users are aware of how many pages they are printing and the total cost of the job. Through netloan, wastage problems, non-collection and non-payment of print jobs can be avoided. Combine netloan with the optional netloan Kiosk+ for the ultimate self-service print solution.

Management Information

netloan's extensive range of statistics includes information on the use of PCs, missed sessions and use of applications. This information is vital for monitoring and analysing the efficiency of your service, as well as budgeting and planning for the future.

netloan's management reports are reliable, meaningful and aid management decisions. The various reporting options are available in a variety of usable formats, including PDF and MS Excel.

Reports includes Application Usage (for example: how many minutes MS Word has been used), Missed Reservations, PC Usage Rate, etc.

Other Netloan Features

  • Time control
  • Drop-in use
  • Advanced bookings
  • Group and repeat bookings
  • Grace period for late arrivals
  • Monitor missed sessions
  • Screen lock facility
  • Remote logout
  • Integration with LMS
  • Patron Databases

Optional Netloan Modules netloan Charging Module

The charging module enables you to charge for the use of your computers. The charge is set per minute of use. With the charging module you can:

  • Vary the charge at different times of the day
  • Vary the charge by different types of computer
  • Vary the charge by different groups of user
  • Give each reservation a free period of time before charging begins
  • Give users a certain number of free minutes every day, week or month and only start charging when these minutes are used up

The charging module is not needed if you are using netloan to charge for print outs – it is only required if you are charging for the computers.

netloan Offline Module

The netloan offline module is designed to allow people to log into the netloan machines with their library card even in the event of a network failure. When this occurs, each machine uses a cached database of user log on information to authenticate users on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. When a user successfully logs on, they are logged in with a local windows account on to the computer.

netloan Webstats Module

The Webstats module can keep a statistical record of what web site your users are visiting. It can also be used to create black lists (sites users cannot visit) and white lists (the only sites users can visit).

For further or to enquire about pricing for netloan please contact OCLC Support

Further Enquiries:

To book or enquire about about any of the products above please contact OCLC Support.