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Export item records with date accessioned/received

Learn how to export the stockitem records with date accessioned/received information in Amlib.

During the Marc Export process, it is now possible to export the Stockitem Records with Date Accessioned /Received information

Set up the Marc Tag

  1. Go to Main > Authorities > Marc Tags
  2. Highlight the 945 tag and select F7 SubF button
  3. Select F1 New and enter a new subfield for the Accession Date. This example uses “h” but this may depend on what you are exporting the records for. Enter the availability subfield as below if it is not already set up
  4. Select F3 Update and exit the window

Set up the MarcItemDefs

  1. Go to Main > Authorities > Authorities
  2. Select Application > MarcItemDefs
  3. Click on the Export Items tab
  4. In our example we have set the Accession Date to be exported in the “h” subfield of the 945 tag. Against the Line Circ status for an item enter
    1. Tag number– for example 945
    2. Subfield – for example h
    3. Starting position 0
    4. Length 10

       Note: The length of this tag you want to export needs to be set [for example: 10 gives you 10/06/2014; 8 gives you 10/06/14] depending on the date format you want in your exported records. If you leave it blank you will get a very long date string, so we advised you to set the length when doing this task.

  5. F3 Update then log out of Amlib and back in

Export Records

  1. Export your records in the usual way, as per the Marc Export instructions
  2. Marc records that have been exported will include the Accession Date subfield