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Reproduction Policy

Find the fields, subfields, and notes for the local holdings record Reproduction Policy word (p4:) index available for searching local data in WorldShare.

 Note: This index is searchable in WorldShare only when you have selected:

  • Local Holdings Records from the Data Type drop-down list
  • An index from the Index drop-down list


Word (p4:)


Label p4:
Search? Yes
Browse? ---
Examples Select one of the following from the drop-down list:
  • Will not reproduce
  • Will reproduce
  • Unknown
Fields/Subfields 008/21
Qualifier index? No

If using in an expert search, index values include:

  • a - Will reproduce
  • b - Will not reproduce
  • u - Unknown

Example: p4:b

For more information, see Index labels and examples of an expert search in WorldCat.