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Find the fields, subfields, and notes for the local bibliographic data record Name (au:) index available for searching local data in WorldShare.

This index searches for any people and corporations that have participated in the creation of the item, including sponsors, editors, directors, actors, illustrators, and many other roles.


  • This index is searchable in WorldShare only when you have selected:
    • Local Bibliographic Data Records from the Data Type drop-down list
    • An index from the Index drop-down list
  • Certain local bibliographic data record indexes can be used when searching WorldCat Discovery, but search results will include results from both bibliographic record data fields and local bibliographic data fields. See Local bibliographic data fields discoverable in bibliographic record index searches for more information.


Word (au:)


Label au:
Search? Yes
Browse? Yes
  • au:sagan
  • au:saint-arroman
Fields/Subfields 700 a b c d e j q u

710 a b c d e n

711 a c d e n q

790 a b c d e j q u

791 a b c d e n

792 a c d e n q

796 a b c d e j q u

797 a b c d e n

798 a c d e n q
Qualifier Index? No
Notes Supports wildcard searching with an asterisk.