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Year 2

Find the fields, subfields, notes, and product availability for the Year 2 number (yy:) index.

Number (yy:)


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Label yy: ---
Search? Yes Yes ---
Browse? Yes Yes ---
  • yy:1952 and cp:flu
  • yy:0290
  • 008/11-14
  • 046 e
Qualifier index? No ---
  • If the year has fewer than four numbers, add leading zeroes to make the date four digits long.
  • Scan an index from the Command Line Search by entering the Scan command (sca), the index label with appropriate punctuation, and the term, and then clicking Search (example: sca yy:0290). For more information, see Browse (scan an index).
All unknown digits are searched as 9s; however, if all four digits are unknown, they are searched as 0000. ---