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Other Format

Find the fields, subfields, notes, and product availability for the Other Format phrase (rp=) index.

Phrase (rp=)


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Label rp= --- ---
Search? Yes --- ---
Browse? --- --- ---
  • rp="(ocolc)36532720"
  • rp=ocolc36532720
--- ---
Fields/Subfields 776 w (OCoLC) --- ---
Qualifier index? No --- ---
  • The index includes (OCoLC) followed by the OCLC number, whether or not the number is preceded by blanks or spaces.
  • Enter the entire search string:
    • Enclosed in quotation marks if you retain the parenthesis around OCoLC (prevents Connexion from interpreting the parentheses as a nested search).
    • Omit the parentheses.
    • OCoLC is not case-sensitive.
--- ---