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XML patron data bulk delete

This documentation provides the requirements for creating an XML bulk delete file, including how to format and submit the file.

Follow the guidelines below to create and submit a file for bulk deletion of patron data. 

 Note: This information presupposes a fundamental knowledge of XML. Because library local systems and practices vary widely, this document is best used as a high-level overview.

File Description
Bulk patron delete XSD Template for creating XML bulk patron delete file


The bulk patron delete file name must meet the following criteria:

  • Filenames cannot contain spaces or special characters
  • XML files must have the XML file extension
  • The filename must include the word 'delete'
  • The file name is not case sensitive

Example: [OCLCsymbol]patronsdelete.xml

Bulk patron delete XML file criteria

  • Bulk delete includes the same matching elements of the current patron file and therefore must have institutionID (your WorldCat registry ID) and data for any one or more of the following elements:
    • Barcode
    • illId
    • sourceSystem/idAtSource pair
  • Only send tags for fields containing data
  • Do not use empty tags
  • XML files must contain valid HTML code. These symbols, if present in the patron data, must be replaced as HTML code (entity references), as below:

    Symbol HTML code (entity references)
    & &
    < &lt;
    > &gt;
    " &quot;

Sample file


Send bulk patron delete file

Send your bulk patron delete file via SFTP with your OCLC file exchange account.

If your library has not been turned on for automation:

  1. Place your initial delete file for validation review in the patron delete test directory: /xfer/wms/test/in/pdelete
  2. Email your regional OCLC Support office.
  3. Include in your email message:
    • Subject: [OCLC Symbol] 'Patron Delete File for Review'
    • Body: Include contact information and state if you would like the delete file processed and patron records deleted from WMS and Tipasa
    • If errors are found in the file, we will contact you to request a resubmission. If there are no errors, we will send you the results.

If your library has been turned on for automation, place your delete files in the /xfer/wms/in/pdelete folder.