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Information about OCLC invoicing

Read frequently asked questions about upcoming changes as OCLC implements a new back office system to better serve you

In the next few months, OCLC will implement new back office systems to better serve you. The new system will ensure that OCLC has consistent global processes, giving OCLC libraries a more streamlined experience. We want to highlight some changes and timing that will be important to you and your institution.


How is the new invoice different?

Small changes in the invoice format will begin with your December invoices. Below is an example invoice to highlight the changes you will see.

Ordering and Billing Invoice comparison v3.png

How is the invoicing changing for IFM transactions?

If your library subscribes to WorldShare ILL and uses the ILL Fee Management (IFM) service, you will receive subscription invoices and IFM activity invoices separately in the future. In the months your IFM activity results in a credit, you will receive a credit memo rather than an invoice.

What are my options for applying my IFM credits or requesting a refund?

Your institution can communicate with the OCLC Accounts Receivable team about how and when you would prefer to apply the credit memo to your account or to receive a refund.

Will the timing of my subscription invoices change?

Yes. All invoices will now be dated/sent on the first day of the subscription period.

Where can I view my invoices or get a copy of past invoices?

All invoices starting January 2020 will arrive as a PDF attachment emailed to your designated billing contact(s). To update your contact information, please use the OCLC member contact form. If you did not receive your invoice, you will need to add OCLC email addresses to your "safe sender" list.

If you need copies of recent invoices, please contact


What should I do if my library requires a purchase order (PO) in order to pay an OCLC invoice?

In order for the purchase order number to be included on your invoice, you will need to supply it to the OCLC Orders team prior to the renewal date.

My organization is tax-exempt and was charged taxes on our new invoice. What should I do?

If your invoice incorrectly includes tax, please contact the OCLC Accounts Receivable team.

Customer information

How do I update my contact information? Can I have specific contacts for different products?

Use the OCLC member contact form to update your contact information and provide specific product contacts. OCLC is also now collecting general Accounts Payable contacts for easier communication in invoicing and collection activity.

What is my new customer ID?

Your new customer ID was communicated in a recent letter. If you do not have this information, please contact the OCLC Orders team. Each library or organization will receive a new customer ID that will be referenced on the invoices sent to your organization. Your OCLC symbol will not change.

Product identification

Where can I find the new product descriptions and new product codes?

OCLC product identification—product codes and descriptions—are changing. The new item codes are now all numeric. The new invoices will reflect your subscription service dates and the billing period for each subscription, rather than having those reflected by the product codes. An example of the change appears below. To access the complete list of new codes and descriptions, download the product code mapping spreadsheet.

Current Product Code and Description New Item Code and Item Description
FIX9835 Cataloging and Metadata Subscription–annual 3000030 Cataloging and Metadata Subscription
FIX9839 WorldShare ILL Subscription–annual 3000065 WorldShare ILL
DPR6764 CONTENTdm AMA CONTENTdm Level 1 License - 10,000 Items AMA 3000212 CONTENTdm Annual Agreement

Renewal communication

Are there any changes to renewal communication?

OCLC will be providing your renewal information 80 days in advance of your renewal date. This communication will be sent via email to your designated contact(s). Renewal notices will no longer include the name of the products and services in the subject line of the email. OCLC will use the existing contact information we have for your library. If you would like to update your subscription contact information for either the invoice or the renewal, please use the OCLC member contact form.

If you did not receive your invoice, you will need to add OCLC email addresses to your “safe sender" list.

Below is an example of a new renewal notice that you will receive.

Ordering and Billing Renewal notice sample.png