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Why is my item record showing a "Circulation information is unavailable" or "Item status unavailable" availability error?

  • Availability for an item in WorldCat Discovery appears as Circulation information is unavailable or Item status unavailable in WMS Circulation. 
Applies to
  • WorldCat Discovery
  • WorldCat Local
  • WorldShare Record Manager
  • WorldShare Acquisitions
  • WorldShare Circulation

Circulation information is unavailable is the error that is used for issues when the Local Holding Record (LHR) setup for an item doesn't match what is expected by the Availability system. It can indicate any of several possible problems. Check for the following issues in the LHR and if problems persist after fixing them, contact  OCLC Support with the OCLC number and barcode of the record. 

  • LHR fixed field Type of Record (ie. 000 tag) field appears as a serial when it should be showing Single-part item holdings (and vice versa, the item is set up as a single-part and should be a serial or multipart)
  • LHR fixed field Receipt or Acquisitions status field is still set to On Order for an item that has been received
  • Other errors that cause a validation error in the LHR or Bibliographic record
  • Making a change then saving the record will cause the system to reindex the record.  
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