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Print availability doesn't show up on a grouped record.

  • When I search for a title in Discovery a grouped record is showing the print and online edition.
  • But when I click to see the record details, the print edition availability is not showing in the  Access options trey nor in the "Availability of this Edition at the library" section.
Applies to
  • WorldCat Discovery

About the display of print availability when related editions and formats are clustered
By default, bib records in WorldCat Discovery will only show the local holdings record information directly associated with the record. This means that the print availability for a book will not display on the eBook record for the same title, unless the library has enabled the option to display availability from the edition cluster.
The edition cluster is a group of bib records that represent the same edition of a work but may have different languages of cataloging or may be duplicate records that have not yet been resolved. When the edition cluster feature is enabled, the representative record in the cluster will display all the availability information from the records in the grouping.

In the case of related editions and formats, such as an eBook and a print book for the same title, the records are not considered to be variant records. This means that the edition cluster feature will not be used to display the print availability on the eBook record, even if the feature is enabled.
However, there are two ways for users to find the print availability for a book when related editions and formats are clustered.

  • First, users can click the "Details" for the print record under "Other Editions and Formats at the library." This will open a new page that displays the full bib record for the print book, including the availability information.
  •  Second, users can change the default Level 1/Level 2 scoping to "Hide duplicates." This will prevent the print record from displaying in the search results when the user is viewing the eBook record. However, it will also prevent the user from seeing other print editions of the book, such as paperback and hardcover editions.


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