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I am having trouble with subject heading replacement of phrases with double dashes.

  • I followed the examples in the universal template, but the subjects are not being re-mapped in Discovery.
Applies to
  • WorldCat Discovery

The custom subject heading feature uses exact matching as a part of the customization process.  It is possible that a spreadsheet software like Excel could automatically be set up to make formatting changes like eliminating what it sees as un-needed spaces.   For this reason, attention to detail matters, as a small difference or a typo can cause a subject to not match correctly. 

  • Check that the formatting of the double dashes is exactly the same as it appears in the MARC subject of the record. 
  • Pay close attention to how spaces are included or omitted. 

Below is an example of a subject that did not match correctly due to spaces being omitted in the file. 

MARC subject: Blind -- Juvenile fiction

Subject in the file: Blind--Juvenile fiction

Notice the spaces around the hyphens in the MARC entry, this would cause the two bolded lines to not be a match. 

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