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Sharing features

Discover the different methods provides for sharing item information, including printing, bookmarking, and linking.


The top area of the Item Details screen provides a number of additional features:

Print or email an item

You can print a record simply by clicking the Print link. Your printer's dialog box will appear.

You can also email an item's WorldCat record to one or more individuals.

  1. Click E-mail at the top of the item details. The E-mail dialog box opens.
  2. Enter one or more email addresses in the email field. Email addresses must be separated by commas.
  3. (Optional) Edit these fields:
    • Your name
    • Subject
    • E-mail Message
  4. Click the I'm not a robot checkbox.
  5. Select the image(s) that match the prompt and then click Verify.
  6. Click Send e-mail. The dialog box closes. An email message with a link to the record will be sent to the selected recipient(s).

Bookmark & share

You can add the WorldCat record for some items to popular social bookmarking services at websites such as Digg, Delicious, Facebook, Google, MySpace, Twitter, and Yahoo. Social bookmarking works just like your browser's Favorites menu, except that your bookmarked webpages are publicly available for sharing, searching, categorization, tracking and discussion. (Functionality varies by site.)

 Note: To make use of the social bookmarking services mentioned above (Facebook, MySpace, etc.) you must set up separate user accounts with those services. Consult their various websites for details on setting up accounts.

  1. Click Share at the top of the item details. A window with links to some of the most popular bookmarking services appears.
  2. You can select a service from the window or click More to view the full list of services and then select a service. The login and/or creation page for your selected service appears.
     Note: If a new window does not open, make sure it is not being blocked by your browser or toolbar software.
  3. Log in to your account on the service you selected, or create an account, then add the WorldCat record to your bookmarks or to the selected website.

Link to this page

A Permalink or permanent link is a simplified URL (the "http://" address) for a webpage that is designed to be short and easily interpreted (or "human-readable"). Permalinks are ideal for use in emails, blog posts, and other web-based communications where lengthy URLs might cause a problem. The permalink for a WorldCat record utilizes the OCLC number, an identifier created when the item is first cataloged in WorldCat by one of our member libraries.

To display a permalink for an item:

  1. Click Permalink at the top of the item details. The Permalink dialog box appears to display the URL.
  2. Copy the URL and paste the link in a browser window.

Rate this item

You can rate an item from the item details by placing your mouse over the five-star rating utility and clicking to select your rating.

You do not need a WorldCat use account to do this; however, without an account, you will only be able to rate the item once and cannot change your rating once selected.

To change your rating for an item:

  1. Return to the item details either through a search, or via the Reviews section of your user profile page (select My Profile from the My WorldCat drop-down menu).
  2. Place your mouse over the five-star rating utility and click to select your new rating. Your rating is recorded even if there does not appear to be any change in the state of the rating utility. The rating count will increase only after you have reloaded the page. Also, the rating may not change based on your input because the rating displayed is an average for all users who have rated the item.