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Is cross-database searching available in FirstSearch?

Applies to
  • FirstSearch

FirstSearch supports cross-database searching (also called multidatabase searching) in the following ways:

  • When deciding what databases to search, a user can select a database topic area and enter a search term to have FirstSearch suggest the best databases for searching. FirstSearch lists databases in the topic areas that contain the search term and estimates the number of records the term will find in each database.
  • When specifying the databases to include in a search, a user can choose up to 3 databases. The search is counted in each database. So, if three databases are included in a search, three searches are counted. In the administrative module, you specify the maximum number of databases (1, 2, or 3) that users can include in a search.
  • If a user includes 2 or 3 databases in a search and does not ask FirstSearch to rank the results of the search, the records found are grouped by database in the results list. Links are provided at the top of the list so the user can jump to the results for any database. If 2 or 3 databases each contain a record for the same item, each record is included in the results list because FirstSearch does not remove duplicate records.
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