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I am getting an error when adding a new OpenURL server to the FirstSearch Admin Module

  • When adding an OpenURL Server to the FirstSearch Admin Module, you receive an error that says, "You typed an OpenURL Server URL but did not type an icon URL of a Link Text. You must type either an Icon URL and/or Link Text (or both) or delete the OpenURL Server URL. To continue, click OK, make necessary changes, and click Save Changes."
Applies to
  • FirstSearch

If you are getting this error even though you have entered an Icon URL or Link Text, this could be caused by a difference in workflow. A specific order of steps need to be followed in order for the Link Text or Icon URL to be added successfully.

  1. Type in your OpenURL Server URL
  2. Click "Add Server"
  3. Highlight the added server
  4. Enter Icon URL and/or Link Text
  5. Click "Add/Rename Icon FIle" and/or "Add/Rename Link Text," depending on what you added
  6. Adjust databases as needed
  7. Click "Save Changes"

If you enter an Icon URL or Link Text without clicking "Add/Rename," those will not be applied to the server, and you will not be able to save.

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