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Verify the authorization used to log on to FirstSearch

Learn how to verify which authorization is used to log in to FirstSearch.

While testing your IP address recognition links, you may want to verify which authorization was actually used to log on to FirstSearch, especially if your library has multiple authorizations.

To determine which FirstSearch authorization was used:

  Action Result
1 Click an IP address recognition link to access FirstSearch.  
2 Click the News button in FirstSearch. Note: If the News button does not appear on the screen you are viewing, go to the Home screen and click the button.
3 Scroll down to the end of the FirstSearch News.  
4 Click the underline ( _ ) in the lower right corner of News. Note: If the underline does not appear, widen the window that contains the News.
5 View the session information. It includes the authorization number used to log on to FirstSearch.