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Add a carousel

Discover how to add a carousel to the Welcome screen of your app in the CapiraMobile Staff Dashboard.

You can choose to add one or more carousels for up to 20 pre-created collections from your library's catalog. For example, a carousel could be a collection of new releases, popular fiction titles or popular action movies. 

Important notes about carousels:

  • Carousels are created from an ILS record set code, which will differ depending on your ILS provider. Before adding a carousel, make sure you have created a record set in your ILS that contains the records you would like to feature.
  • The process of creating a carousel differs depending on which ILS you are using. For configuration information that is specific to a variety of common ILS, see Using your ILS with CapiraMobile.
  • You can choose one carousel at a time to feature on the Welcome screen of your app. For more information, see Welcome screen.
  • Changes to carousels are an overnight process and any adjustments made including adding, removing or editing a carousel will be visible the following day
  1. From the left navigation, under the Elements menu, select Carousels.
  2. In Add Carousel, enter:
    • Display Name, or the label users will see above the carousel of items.
    • The ILS Record Set Code for the collection of records to be featured in the carousel.
  3. Click Add.