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General settings

Discover the general settings that can be updated for a branch in the CapiraMobile Staff Dashboard.

The general settings reflect the basic information about your branch, such as address and contact information. From the left navigation under the Elements menu, select Branches then click Edit Settings next to the title of the branch you would like to update. Some fields in the General Settings tab are required; the rest are optional.

Branch information entered throughout the Branches element will appear on the Library Details page for the branch in the app.

A Library Details page in the CapiraMobile app for Central Branch. Includes a map, emergency message, address, phone number, email and open hours

  1. From the left navigation, under the Elements menu, click the General Settings tab.
  2. Update the branch's general information.
    • Branch Name - The name of the specific branch.
    • Alert Notice - A notice that will appear in a highlighted text box in the details for the branch on the Library Information and Library Details pages until you remove or change it; this can be used to make patrons aware of current circumstances that are impacting the branch (e.g. the branch is temporarily closed or the parking lot is being repaved).
    • Address - The physical address of the branch.
    • Primary Email - The email address that patrons can use to contact the library.
    • Primary Phone - The phone number that patrons can use to contact the library.
  3. Click Submit