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Manage individual alerts

Discover how to create and edit individual alerts for your library in the CapiraMobile Staff Dashboard.


Individual alerts are messages that are delivered to patrons who have downloaded your CapiraMobile app, unless they opt out of receiving alerts of that type. Alerts allow you to communicate information such as emergency closings, updates on hours, library sales and events, and more. 

Create an individual alert 

Before creating an alert, you must have an alert type to assign it to. See Manage alert types for more information.

  1. From the left navigation, select Alerts/Notifications > Create Alert.
  2. For the alert type you want to add, fill in the information:
    • Alert Title - The title that users will see when receiving the alert.
    • Alert Message - The message associated with the alert (e.g. "Branch is closed for an emergency").
    • Select Delivery Types - The type of alert. For more information, see Manage alert types.
    • URL (Optional) - A URL leading the user to more information about the alert.

       Note: If your website links are not working in the app, please try adding or removing http://www. from URLs entered in the Staff Dashboard.

    • Start Date/End Date - The applicable dates associated with the alert.
  3. Click Save Alert.

 Note: Alerts have a 255 character limit.

Edit an individual alert

  1. From the left navigation, select Alerts/Nofitications > Scheduled Alerts.
  2. A list of your currently scheduled alerts displays.
  3. Choose the action(s) you would like to take on an alert.
    • Edit - Update the title, description and/or URL of an alert. 

       Note: The date range of a scheduled alert cannot be edited from this screen. To change the date range, delete the affected alert and Create a new alert with the correct date range to replace it.

    • Pause/Unpause - Place an indefinite pause on a scheduled alert, or lift a previously placed pause.
    • Delete - Remove the alert entirely.