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Implementation materials for WorldShare Management Services libraries

Resources for libraries that subscribe to WorldShare Management Services and have access to a suite of products including WorldShare Acquisitions, Circulation, Interlibrary Loan or Tipasa, and more.

See the table below for an overview of the implementation process that begins after you sign your WorldShare Management Services (WMS) contract. Sign in to the OCLC Community Center (password required) to view the implementation resources.

Initiate >> Prepare >> Migrate >> Deploy

 Welcome call with OCLC!

(O) Preliminary project schedule

(L) Complete a data migration questionnaire

(L) Send translation tables

(O) Scope statement completed

(L) Approve scope statement

(O) Data load projects ordered

(L) Authentication

(L) Attend WMS implementation sessions

(L) Attend WMS training

(L) Deliver bib & item records

(L) Deliver initial patron data files

(O) Bib & item data load

(L) Deliver final patron data files

(O) Patron data load

(L) Deliver circulation files

(O) Circulation data load

(L) Verify data with a checklist

(L) Set up & configure settings

(O) Verify authentication

 Project go-live!

Find resources to Initiate. Find resources to Prepare. Find resources to Migrate. Find resources to Deploy.

(L) = Library responsibility; (O) = OCLC responsibility

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