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Why can't I select certain libraries as supplier for my request?

Applies to
  • Tipasa
  • WorldShare ILL

The holdings view page in a request will show all libraries that have a holding on the particular item that is being request. Only if they have updated their supplier status to "Yes", meaning they are a supplier for Tipasa and WorldShare ILL, will you be able to select them as a possible lender for your requested item.
If they have not updated this status, in the Supplier column a dash (-) will be presented. This means that they are currently not a supplier for Interlibrary Loan.

Additional information

After submitting your request, it can always happen that certain suppliers have deflected your request based on their deflection policy. This overrules their status as a supplier for the material requested and for your library's location.

For more information on the Policies Directory, please see Manage policies.

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