Libraries Very Interested in Sharing (LVIS)

Learn more about Libraries Very Interested in Sharing (LVIS).

What is LVIS?

Libraries Very Interested in Sharing (LVIS) is a group of more than 2,400 libraries committed to supplying resources free of charge among its members through the OCLC resource sharing network.

Members include all types and sizes of libraries, and any library that would like to participate in this reciprocal group is encouraged to Join LVIS.

Benefits of membership

Rules for participation

  1. Maintain holdings in WorldCat.
  2. Ensure OCLC Supplier status is set to Yes in the OCLC Policies Directory, except when your ILL service is temporarily unavailable.
  3. Provide loans and copies to all LVIS members at no charge. 

For additional details, please refer to the best practices and FAQs.

Best practices for LVIS members

You do not need to be able to supply every item or format in your library's collection to participate in LVIS. 

LVIS member listing

For a list of current LVIS members, search the OCLC Policies Directory for the Group Symbol: LVIS.  For instructions, see Search the Policies Directory.

To view all symbols, click the Display Symbols button at the top of the list.


How to join LVIS: There is no charge to join LVIS. To request that your library’s symbol be added to the group, email Include the name and email address of the contact person(s) for your ILL department.

How to maintain membership in LVIS: By participating in LVIS, your library is expected to supply free loans and copies to other LVIS members according to the rules for participation and best practices described above. Your symbol will be removed from LVIS if you do not supply any items for free to another LVIS member for 6 months. If you believe your symbol was removed in error, please email


Can LVIS members charge other LVIS members? No, LVIS members must provide loans and copies to all LVIS members at no charge. Lending for free only within your consortium, state, or region does not meet the rules for participation. The only exception is when the borrowing library accepts a conditional response to pay or offset shipping costs.

Can LVIS members go non-supplier? Yes, for temporary closures such as holidays or short-term staffing issues. 

Must our library supply audio visual (AV) formats? No, but please clearly state your policies or limitations in the OCLC Policies Directory

What if our library’s policy is "we charge what you charge"? You may be an LVIS member, but you cannot charge other LVIS libraries.

What should I do if an LVIS library charges me? Contact the lending library as soon as you notice the charge to request a refund based on the rules for participation in LVIS. If you experience ongoing issues with specific lenders, omit the symbol from your custom holdings or lender strings. For instructions, see Manage IFM, Request a refund (Borrower).

What is Express LVIS? Express LVIS is a group of more than 600 LVIS members that also participate in OCLC's Express program. These libraries both lend for free to other LVIS members and deliver digital resources within 18 hours or less.

Is there any cost to participate in LVIS? No, participation in LVIS or Express LVIS is open to any library using ILLiad, Tipasa, or WorldShare ILL and is included in your subscription.

More information


The LVIS program’s rules and best practices were developed in collaboration with an advisory group from the Interlibrary Loan community, which included 18 members from a variety of types and sizes of libraries. To request clarifications or suggest changes, please email