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D-VDX910-4: VDX 9.1 release notes

Release Date: September 16, 2015

New Features

Issue #



Holdings Parsing

The ability to get "Brocade" ILS holdings status via the Brocade holdings web service has been added to DocFind.

See "Brocade Availability and Locations" web service under "Lookup Services" in Windows Admin Client.


Dutch VDX / CBS interops

We have added the ability for a VDX borrower to send a Cancel message to a CBS lender via the Pica GSM Email protocol


Holdings Parsing

VDX can now parse Innovative's Sierra "Opac Format" holdings records

Use "SIERRA_OPAC_A" holdings format under Z39.50 Database configuration in Windows Admin Client



VDX now supports NCIP2 Circ/ILL interops with Innovative's Sierra system via the Circulation Gateway.

In order to configure VDX to interop with Sierra, the new "protocol flavour" of "Sierra/NCIP/1" needs to be used.


ILL Drivers

ILL drivers now name themselves in the "Authorised by" field of the request when processing incoming requests, or performing automated actions.

Originally only the ISO ILL driver was doing this.

Now the Generic Script Listener and WSF driver do this too.



DocFind-­Responder now names itself in the "Authorised by" field when it performs automated actions on requests.

Bugs Fixed

Issue #




The error message "Cannot lock the requested ILL" has now been made available for translation



We have fixed the problem that prevented staff from blanking out the user record expiry date



Delivery Methods are now displayed in alphabetical order in the drop down on the Shipped action screen.


Staff UI

If a staff user changed the service type from Loan to Copy when Shipping an Item the Due Date was still getting set, even though the Request was being processed as a copy and not a loan.


Document Delivery:

JPEG images were being corrupted when loaded into the VDX document store and automatically attached to requests.



The "Cost Adjustment" action was not being made available when the Request Status was at "Received Electronically"

The actions available for requests "Received Electronically" should be the same as those available for "Received" requests.



The Requested Media type was being defaulted to "Audio File" on the Shipped action screen if the original Requested Media type was actually NULL.

Requested Media Type now displays as NULL if no value was sent by the borrower.


ISO ILL Driver

When an incoming ISO ILL request contained a very long Call Number entry, the informational "Status Or Error Message" that gets sent back to confirm receipt of a request was failing to get sent.


Document Delivery

We have now removed the special processing that used to kick in to support integrated scanning/delivery with Ariel workstations. This used to prevent the Shipped message from being transmitted until after the integrated Ariel workstation confirmed that the item had been transmitted by FTP or Email.


Dutch VDX / Reports

WebAdmin reports were showing the wrong details for the Lender. The reports were displaying the Addressee from the Return-­To Address in place of the Location name.


Brokered Article Exchange documents

When processing a copy request that was shipped by the lender to the borrower via Article Exchange, the Broker was downloading the AE document instead of simply relaying the AE article information onward to the borrower.


Dutch VDX / DocFind

Since VDX 8.1 the CDR location was only getting added to rotas if the requested format was "Music CD" and not when the format was also "DVD-­ Music"

Both formats now get routed to CDR.


Dutch VDX / Reports

Under certain circumstances the Top 10 Statistics report would fail to get generated for some locations due to reporting on requests with multiple ISBNs

The SQL used to generate these reports has been updated to address this problem.



DocFind-­Requester was unable to process requests properly if the managing location for a request became suspended (unable to place new requests) before DocFind had processed the location's outstanding requests.



The warning message "Your library's ILL department is temporarily closed between [from date] to 26 [to date] due to [suspension description]" has now been made available for translation into local languages.



Site Actions now include the display of the Patron Notes field when the permission to show patron notes is enabled.


DocFind / Z39.50 Holdings Parsing

When searching WorldCat, VDX now assumes that the MARC 001 field will contain the OCLC number of the retrieved title. VDX usually checks in the 003 field to find out what kind of number is in the 001 field.


Dutch VDX / SIP2 Circ interops

The Sip2 media type code for BluRay DVDs was not being transferred to the Circ System.