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Request details

Brief record

After a search or clicking on a work queue category you are taken to a page of brief results. (Shown below)

Full record

Click the Details button from request search results to view the entire request. (Shown below)

Request details screen

From the Request Details Screen you can view the entire request in its current state, including the request’s rota and which Lending library is currently dealing with the request. The current lender is highlighted.

Request history section

Check the request’s progress and any problems in the History section. Any notes attached to the request can also be seen in the History section, underlined under the Action heading. Clicking on the underlined link will open the details of the note in a popup window.

Next action drop-down

Select the appropriate next Action for the request from the drop-down which appears at the top and bottom of the screen. Also each action will identify the staff member authorizing it.