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Tipasa digest, 2020

The year 2020 was filled with change. New workflows, tools, and processes helped us all adjust during the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual events let all of us as members of the ILL community share information and stay connected. New features and enhancements were implemented to help you better manage your workflows—many of these were the result of your ideas and feedback.

Here, we provide the highlights from 2020 as well as a complete digest of Tipasa features, enhancements, and news.

Highlights from 2020

Key enhancements implemented in 2020 can be "game changers" for you in 2021, saving your staff time and speeding turnaround for your library users.

  • Automated Request Manager's user-friendly interface helps you more easily streamline your workflows to focus on requests that require more time and attention. You define the criteria and specify whether requests are placed in your review queue or submitted to lenders. The system applies your criteria to automatically build lender strings, apply constant data, or tag requests. 
  • Real-time availability allows the system to automatically say No to requests that have an OPAC status of unavailable, letting requests move through the lender string faster and reducing the number of requests your staff need to manually process.
  • E-resource and Holdings page improvements assist you with finding lenders more easily and building lender strings more quickly and accurately.
  • The new My Account interface provides your library users at WMS libraries with a more seamless and intuitive user experience.

COVID-19-related workflows remain important for 2021.

Key events helped us stay connected and ensure system setups are optimized.

As we move into 2021, we look forward to gathering your input via user research and the OCLC Community Center, meeting with you in upcoming events, and sharing news about more new features and enhancements. 

Full digest of features, enhancements, and news

COVID-19-related workflows and information

Item Date



April 2020
August 2020
August 2020

Web site: COVID-19—We’re in this together March 2020


*Requires sign-in to the OCLC Community Center. For assistance, please contact OCLC Support.

March-November 2020

Important links

Product Insights: Resource Sharing

To help you become familiar with the features and enhancements, see the recorded webinars Product Insights: Resource Sharing.

OCLC Resource Sharing Conference (RSC20) web series

OCLC invites ILL professionals and users of OCLC’s resource sharing solutions to revisit the sessions of the OCLC Resource Sharing Conference 2020 Web Series. In these recordings, we discuss how we’re all moving forward together, including best practices and ways to better connect your users with the information they need as your libraries reopen.

This unique series offers an opportunity to learn about the latest resource sharing advancements. You’ll also learn how to improve your operational efficiency, save time, and elevate user services.

The series included the following sessions: 

Virtual Workshop Series: Learn how to fine-tune your ILL setup

Were you able to join us for all of our Virtual Workshops where we showed how you can optimize your library’s ILL setup and workflows, and save time?

The series included the following topics: 

Tipasa Community Meeting

The first ever Tipasa Community Meeting was held on 9 December 2020. 

Topics in the session included:

  • Automations and other tools that power ILL processes
  • Smart fulfillment and other workflow improvements
  • Recap of tools to help you deal with COVID-19 impacts

And fellow ILL professionals shared how they’ve incorporated Tipasa features into their workflows.

Access the recording and slidesAnd because we received so many great questions during the meeting, we provided answers in this extensive Q&A document.


As institutions evolve toward a notion of “collective collections,” resource sharing partnerships that expand access to collections are of primary importance. SHARES, the resource sharing consortium of the OCLC Research Library Partnership, unites trusted partners that provide low-cost access to their diverse collections. SHARES also supports resource sharing innovation and best practices.

For the latest activities, see SHARES.

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