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Search for patrons

Search for patrons in the system.

To search for a patron:

  1. On the left navigation, click Find Patrons.
  2. From the Limit search to list, select an index.
  3. In the search box, enter your search terms.
    • To search with a truncation operator, use an asterisk (*). For example, connect* retrieves connect, connection, connectivity, etc.
  4. Click Search or press <Enter>.

Search indexes

When you search for patrons, you can limit your search to:

Limit Description
Barcode Barcode (ID number) or ILL Identifier of the user
Everything Contents of all fields in the patron account
Last Name Name of the patron. The Last Name index searches for any part of the patron name (first or last name).
Postal Code Postal code (e.g. zip code) of the patron's address
State/Province State or province of the patron's address
Street Address Address of the patron (e.g. house number, street name)

Patron Search Results

The image below is an example of the patron search results screen. After you search for a patron under Find Patrons, any search results matching the terms you entered will display. From the patron search results screen, you can perform different actions using the sections described below.


1. Search tabs
The tabs on the side of the screen show any searches you have performed.
  • Click on a search to return to it.
  • To remove a search, click the X () next to the search. All searches are saved until you remove them or sign out of WorldShare.
  • Click Close All Tabs to remove all searches.
2. Results
The number of results you receive and your place in the results list appears at the top and bottom of the results list.
  • To refresh the results list, click the Refresh icon ().
3. Name
The name of the patron.
  • Click the patron's Name to view or edit their account.
4. ILL Identifier
The interlibrary loan identifier of the patron. If you use WorldShare Circulation, you do not need to use ILL Identifiers for your patrons.
5. Barcode
The Circulation barcode of the patron. This field only applies to libraries using WorldShare Circulation.
6. Email
The email of the patron used for interlibrary loan notifications.
7. Phone
The phone number of the patron used for interlibrary loan notifications via SMS.
8. Address
The home address of the patron.
9. Rows
The number of rows per page and page navigation buttons appear at the top and bottom of the results list.
  • Select a number from the Rows list to change the number of rows you see per page.
  • If there is more than one page of results, use the navigation buttons to move between pages.



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